Coyote Ugly

“What do you mean I do it wrong? All coyotes hunt.” Rodney defended himself when his best friend George Coyote accused him of being “too cruel” when he hunted. Rodney was right about one thing. All coyotes and in fact, every living thing hunts for its food and that is the way God created the […]


Everything was just fine for Stanley in the Garden of Eden. He was a harmless little snake and just like all the other animal children, he just wanted to play with the mongoose and the lambs and the turtles and the mice. See in the Garden of Eden, none of the animals were enemies so […]

Broken Angel

Maggie liked watching big storms. So when the rain was really pouring down that night, she sat in the front room with the lights off and watched it safely in her house. Suddenly she saw a small figure walking into their cul-de-sac. It was a girl. She had no coat on and the rain was […]

Bottled Love

Brad and Janet had to do a science report on a current event in science going on in their community for their sixth grade science class. Then they saw in the paper that a scientist on the other end of town was almost ready to get a breakthrough on bottling an important thing that everyone […]

Eagles and Bears

The war had been going on for centuries. The war between the Eagles and the Bears. Nobody in the forest knew what started the war. But everyone know how often Bears were injured terribly or killed by dive bombing Eagles or just as often Eagles were killed in large numbers by sudden attacks by Bears […]