Coyote Ugly

“What do you mean I do it wrong? All coyotes hunt.” Rodney defended himself when his best friend George Coyote accused him of being “too cruel” when he hunted. Rodney was right about one thing. All coyotes and in fact, every living thing hunts for its food and that is the way God created the […]

Fat Wally

Hi. My name is Roscoe. I’m a pig. No, no, don’t get upset. I don’t mean I am just messy. No, I am actually a pig. I know it’s a little weird talking to a pig but hey, get used to it, lots of weird things happen around here. You probably heard someone tried to […]


All the pretty ducklings were so excited about the big beauty pageant that was going to be held down by the lake. Oh, how they preened their feathers and tried on different flowers and new ways to waddle that they thought would give them the edge to win the contest. They quacked nonstop each evening […]