Lions and Lambs

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb – Old Proverb Just when I’m convinced my dog is a creature with the IQ of soap scum, fit only for barking, pooping and licking herself (and then attempting to lick everyone else), she proves me wrong. In fact, she manages to remind […]


by Diana Isham A note to you, the Reader: I was listening to a talk radio show one morning wherein the three commentators were discussing a womans ‘choice’ on whether to have an abortion or not. I really wanted to call in and share my thoughts with them but was unfortunately unable to do so […]

Church On-line

Dr.James Lee The Joy of Jesus on-line church is a new concept that allows its readers worship on-line. People may ask, “how can you worhship on-line? This is an interesting question. The answers is rather challenging at best. The Joy of Jesus is Pastored by The Rev. Dr. James A. Lee. ” Our goal at […]

testimony of awakening to eternal Kingdom

We are in a transsition from The manifest church to the coming of Christ. Revelation of the Kingdom of heaven to earth through you and I.