Angel Child

“GLORY TO GOD, GLORY TO GOD, GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST” The angel choir sang in the skies above Bethlehem that very first Christmas night. All of the Shepherds looked on in wonder as they heard from the choir of angels that filled the night sky of the coming of the Messiah, the Christ […]

Eagles and Bears

The war had been going on for centuries. The war between the Eagles and the Bears. Nobody in the forest knew what started the war. But everyone know how often Bears were injured terribly or killed by dive bombing Eagles or just as often Eagles were killed in large numbers by sudden attacks by Bears […]

Billy Goat

The animals in the petting zoo loved the times when the children came to see them. So when Mr. Henderson, the owner of the petting zoo, brought them Willie the Billy Goat to join them, every one of the animals tried to help him learn how to get the children to like him. At first, […]


Julie and Phillip were always a little nervous when their Daddy took them with him to share Jesus door to door in town. But daddy always loved to do it so they went to learn how. Usually the Assistant Pastor from their church went along. Mostly people were nice and sometimes invited them in and […]