Nepal Earthquake Victims

Dear Family and Friends, The Earthquake in Nepal has claimed over 4,000 lives at last report, with many thousands more injured and homeless. But Olivet Presbyterian Church has already been able to respond in providing relief thanks to your generous giving to Mission Outreach (formerly called “Benevolence giving”), and Olivet’s support and partnership with Heifer […]

Tender Plant

The church is a tender plant. It must be watched. People hear a couple of sermons, scan a few pages of Holy Writ, and think they know it all. They are bold because they have never gone through any trials of faith. Void of the Holy Spirit, they teach what they please as long as […]

devoting it all to His honor and glory.

We can please God in no state or employment of life, but by intending and devoting it all to His honor and glory. HAVING in the first chapter stated the general nature of devotion, and shown that it implies not any form of prayer, but a certain form of life, that is offered to God, […]

Persons that are free from the necessity of labor and employments, are to consider themselves as devoted to God in a higher degree.

A GREAT part of the world are free from the necessities of labor and employments, and have their time and fortunes in their own disposal. But as no one is to live in his employment according to his own humor, or for such ends as please his own fancy, but is to do all his […]

Holiness of Christianity

AS THE HOLINESS of Christianity consecrates all states and employments of life unto God, as it requires us to aspire after an universal obedience, doing and using everything as the servants of God, so are we more specially obliged to observe this religious exactness in the use of our estates and fortunes. The reason of […]