Thank You, Lord

Lord, thank you for this sink of dirty dishes; we have plenty of food to eat. Thank you for this pile of dirty, stinky laundry; we have plenty of nice clothes to wear. And I would like to thank you, Lord, for those unmade beds; they were so warm and comfortable last night. I know […]


For those who are fortunate enough to still be blessed by having your Mom with you, this is beautiful… For those who aren’t… it is even more beautiful. It takes my breath! The young mother set her foot on the path of life. “Is this the long way?” she asked. And the guide said “Yes, […]

Wife Sick – Husband Suffers

Notes pinned to the pillow of a mother who has the flu by a well-meaning husband who has inherited the house and kids. Monday A.M. Dearest: Sleep late. Everything under control. Lunches packed. Kids off to school. Menu for dinner planned. Your lunch is on a tray in refrigerator: fruit cup, finger-sandwiches. Thermos of hot […]

40 soon!

I’ll be turning 40 soon! I am so excited by this prospect that I’m planning this big theme party! The theme will be “I’ve never….”. While explaining this to a friend of mine, I laughingly gave the example of “I’ve never had a baby shower, so someone would have to bring a baby gift. Then […]

Happy Birthday Terry

Happy Birthday to my beloved sister, Terry!! I love you as an inspiration. I love you even though you got Dad mad at me for calling you a ghost. I simply love you.