Gods Work Part II

In the beginning, God made Adam out of a piece of clay, and Eve out of Adam’s rib: he blessed them and said: “Be fruitful and increase”–words that will stand and remain powerful to the world’s end. Though many people die daily, yet others are ever being born, as David says in his Psalm: “Thou […]

Gods Works

All the works of God are unsearchable and unspeakable, no human sense can find them out; faith only takes hold of them without human power or aid. No mortal creature can comprehend God in his majesty, and therefore did he come before us in the simplest manner, and was made man, ay, sin, death, and […]

Odd Creatures

Ariel and Serena were angels. God gave them all kinds of interesting assignments which they loved doing because they were created by God for the sole purpose of doing his bidding. But for as long as they could remember, they had never had such an interesting assignment as this one. “Where are we going?” Serena […]

7 Wonders

It seems a group of geography students were studying the “Seven Wonders of the World.” At the end of their course, they were asked to list what they each considered to be the “Seven Wonders of the Modern World.” These were the most voted for answers: As the teacher was going over the results, he […]