Thank you for visiting B4F.org (Books For Faith).  The purpose of our site is simple, yet we hope life altering and enhancing.  Combining a need to assist our church meet its financial obligation, along with our Mission Statement of reaching out and helping Christians strengthen their faith, we are offering a community of like minded individuals who receive a monthly series of ‘reading materials’.

These books, selected by our editorial staff, are sent to you once a month.  We hope that these are thought provoking, enjoyable, and help to guide you on your lifelong journey.

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We will also provide moral-based stories throughout our site. These stories are meant to give you a chuckle, make you think, and be take-aways that you can share with others.

Peruse our site, feel free to join our community, and have fun!

“We believe ourselves called to be born-again Christians, called to meet the challenge of living Christian faith within the Church and in an unchristian world. Our ministry is to nurture one another in faith by worshipping, providing fellowship, education and support as we grow together in our Christian life. Our ministry is to neighbors near and far, as we share our faith and worldly goods with them in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.”

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